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New Maintenance Plans

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Optimization

Bozeman, Montana: JTech’s web development team is now offering new maintenance plans! Many of you do (and everyone should do) periodic work for your website and internet marketing throughout the year — refreshing content, PR, social media, security updates, design updates and internet marketing. Our maintenance plans allow you to keep us on retainer for a number of hours every year or quarter.

Maintenance plan details:
  • You purchase a number of hours in advance on a yearly or quarterly basis.
  • Maintenance time is discounted 20% from our standard hourly rate and automatically billed to your credit card.
  • Unused maintenance hours expire at the end of the year or quarter.

Whether you’re doing site maintenance, PR, social media, internet marketing campaigns (SEO and SEM), or simply working with us to keep your website up to date, our maintenance plans will help you budget and guarantee our availability. We’re excited to offer these new maintenance plans — we think they’ll be perfect for many of you!

HRSG User's Group Overhaul

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

HRSG User's Group: Mobile Conference Registration
HRSG User's Group: Mobile Conference Registration
Bozeman, Montana: JTech's web designers and web development team worked with the HRSG User's Group to refresh the aesthetics and custom build new functionality for their website. The HRSG User's Group is a resource for combined-cycle and cogeneration power specialists, from plant operators to industry manufacturers, with membership in the User's Group originating from attendance at their Annual Conference & Expo.

This overhaul to the website adds a pair of important features; first, it builds secure online registration for their Annual Conference directly into their website. This new registration system integrates multiple pricing periods, dynamic attendee additions, complimentary code redemption for exhibitors at the conference, live payment processing, and email receipts. Secondly, their entire website is now built using responsive website design — meaning that the layout adapts and scales to create a great, usable experience on devices of any size, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

We always enjoy working with the detail-oriented, meticulous people at the HRSG User's Group, who we've been working with for nearly ten years. We're very pleased to unveil this latest version of the HRSG User's Group website! hrsgusers.org

Custom Website: J.K. Adams

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

The new J.K. Adams website.
The new J.K. Adams website.
JTech Communications is proud to launch a new custom website for J.K. Adams, a Vermont-based manufacturer of quality kitchenware. J.K. Adams is a second-generation family business committed to creating quality products from sustainable, local materials whenever possible — with an emphasis on beautiful North American hardwoods.

We created the new J.K. Adams website in partnership with Skillet Design & Marketing, who developed the website’s aesthetic and brand messaging. Our Montana web development team built a responsive custom website with a great online storefront that can be used on computers and mobile devices of any size. Directly from the new J.K. Adams website you can browse, filter, and personalize their products with custom-engraved messages or logos. The new J.K. website serves wholesalers as well as consumers, with a secure section of the site with quick ordering, service information, internal announcements and details of upcoming trade shows.

J.K. Adams’ custom website is a great destination that showcases their beautiful, durable, American-made goods — from their signature cutting boards to bowls, kitchen islands and storage racks. We invite you to visit their newly developed advanced website: jkadams.com

Improved Website and Email Hosting

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements

We've made some behind-the-scenes enhancements to our managed website and email-hosting services, dramatically increasing the bandwidth available for all of our clients. If you're an existing JTech client or a visitor to any of the websites we host, you may notice that things seem a bit faster than they did before.

We expect this to improve all our web services — and especially delivery of the custom-designed websites that our Montana web development team has engineered for lightning-fast performance!

Effective Internet Marketing

by Joshua Reynolds in Tools & Tips, SEM, SEO

Using Inbound Marketing to Your Benefit
Internet marketing is quickly replacing many traditional marketing methods. While traditional advertising tries to reach the user while they're doing other things — reading the newspaper, driving to work, or checking their mail — internet marketing allows you to attract people to your website who are already interested in what you're offering.

What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound marketing is an internet marketing strategy that focuses on earning people's business by creating relevant, useful content that is helpful and easily findable. The core of inbound marketing is clearly stating what you have to offer and what differentiates your company from competitors. The informative content you’ve developed for your website is positioned where your target audiences can find it to help you earn their business.

Benefit 1: Be a Solution
When you provide answers to people's questions and provide the solution for their problems, you establish trust and develop a reputation as an authority in your field. Positioning yourself as a source for answers is a good way for your company to be found via search engines and is a great way to begin a relationship that may lead to them becoming your customer.

Benefit 2: Long-Term Growth
Traditional advertising campaigns can result in a one-time bump in sales as people's awareness of your company and products is momentarily increased. Developing useful content that answers questions will garner long-term growth, generating links to your website from other websites and attracting ongoing traffic driven by people looking for answers to their needs on search engines.

Benefit 3: Statistical Analysis
Using analytics tools embedded into your website, you can track the journey of individual people — how they found your website, what content they're looking at, and how much time they spend on your website. Analytics tools are also built into search marketing tools to measure the effectiveness of your inbound marketing campaign so you can manage your efforts and take actions to immediately improve results.

Benefit 4: Cost-Effective
Internet marketing (and inbound marketing in particular) is cheaper and often more effective than traditional marketing channels.

According to 2013 State of Inbound Marketing, a study conducted by HubSpot in 2013:
Twice as many marketers say inbound marketing delivers below average cost per leads versus outbound strategies. Our survey found that 34% of all the leads generated in 2013 come from inbound marketing sources. In fact, inbound delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound leads.

There are obvious benefits of attracting visitors who are looking for what you're offering, rather than interrupting them as they go about their business. Inbound marketing targets the people who want what you're offering.

Benefit 5: Increase Search Engine Rankings
Inbound marketing — developing rich, comprehensive content that is useful for visitors to your website and searchers alike is replacing keyword-based methods of search engine optimization (SEO). Because Google and other search engines place a high value on original content, websites who are perceived as providing useful resources are rewarded with better search result rankings.

Draft a Digital Strategy
If you're interested in pursuing inbound marketing to reach your target audiences, or developing a comprehensive digital strategy for your company, give JTech a call! We'd be happy to help move your business forward with inbound marketing.

Featured Website

J.K. Adams hardwood cutting boards.
J.K. Adams hardwood cutting boards.
J.K. Adams slate servers.
J.K. Adams slate servers.
J.K. Adams
JTech collaborated with Skillet Design & Marketing to create a new custom designed website for J.K. Adams, a Vermont-based crafter of quality kitchenware. J.K. Adams’ products are crafted from local hard woods, manufactured in the United States, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Their new website provides a portal for shoppers and wholesalers to purchase products from J.K. Adams’ collections — cutting boards, hardwood bowls, wine racks, and more. Our Montana web development team built a custom eCommerce solution for J.K. Adams, including the ability to personalize select products with a monogram, lettering or custom logo. Their new site serves wholesalers with a secure section that provides access to information about upcoming trade shows, internal announcements, quick ordering and service information.

We’re proud to have partnered with J.K. Adams and Skillet Design & Marketing for a website that showcases their beautiful, quintessentially American kitchen goods. Their responsively-designed site is a great place to look for a new cutting board whether you’re on your phone or sitting at your desk. Visit their new advanced website and wander through their beautiful collections: www.jkadams.com

Managed Web Hosting: Club Vitals

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements

Club Vitals
Club Vitals
Bozeman, Montana: JTech has begun providing hosting and web development services to Club Vitals. Club Vitals is a web-based service for health and fitness organizations to manage the maintenance of their equipment. Club Vitals tracks warranties, maintenance records, and facilitates seamless communication between fitness club members, staff, managers, owners and technicians.

JTech's Bozeman website development team provided code auditing for Club Vitals' front and back-end infrastructure, streamlining the website for improved page delivery and performance. Our web developers are making ongoing upgrades to the Club Vitals web app, and we are excited to be planning further enhancements for the future.

Conference Registration for NRTRC

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

The NRTRC Website uses responsive website design.
The NRTRC Website uses responsive website design.
Bozeman, Montana: JTech's Montana web development team has added conference registration functionality to the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC)'s website. NRTRC hosts an annual conference to promote telehealth, share clinical and technical techniques, and build the telehealth community. The newly added custom registration system is built directly into their website.

As with the rest of the NRTRC custom website, the conference registration is deployed using responsive website design — meaning the layout adapts and the website performs quickly and effectively on phones and other mobile devices as well as desktop computers. The NRTRC annual conference registration includes multiple registration periods and tiers of registration, dynamic attendee additions, payment processing, and PDF invoice generation.

Since JTech designed and developed the NRTRC’s purpose-built custom website earlier in 2014, we’ve appreciated the thoughtful approach of the NRTRC staff towards their website planning and have collaborated with them on a number of incremental enhancements that improve the user experience. The NRTRC website fulfills their organization’s mission as a comprehensive Telehealth resource center.

Safely Using Async Javascript

by Patrick Milvich in Development

In the last article I wrote about asynchronous JavaScript in our web development process, I outlined advantages of loading external scripts in parallel rather than blocking the browser’s rendering of a website.

However: There are website performance problems that can arise if async is used carelessly. In a non-async scenario (where scripts are loaded sequentially), you can guarantee that functions will be available when you want to call them. If, instead, your scripts are loaded asynchronously, there’s no certainty that a given function will be available to run — which can produce errors.

<script src=“main.js” async></script>
ReferenceError: Can't find variable: callFuncInAsyncScript

We use a simple approach to resolve this timing issue in the JavaScript component of our framework. First, we define an array inline to queue actions. When the asynchronous JavaScript (shown below) loads, it will then process any actions in the queue.

This works by utilizing the behavior of arrays. Instead of executing code directly, we wrap the code in a function that is then pushed on to the array. Then the async code iterates through all all the functions in the array and executes them. Once the queued up functions have executed, we replace the array with an object that contains a push function — which ensures that future pushes to what was once the array will instead execute the function immediately.

The example below sets up our array and pushes functions into the queue array:
var jt = [];
<script src=“main.js” async></script>

jt.push(function() { callFuncInAsyncScript(); });


Inside the async script (main.js shown above) at the end of the script, we run each of the queued functions in the array, then replace the array:
if(jt) {
jt.forEach(function(func) {
jt = { push: function(func) { func(); } }

We’ve been happy with this programming approach to safely using asynchronous JavaScript, but I’m always looking for ways to improve our website development process. If you have suggestions to refine how we handle async JavaScript, I’d be very interested in your thoughts.

Enhancements for Leadership Montana

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

Leadership Montana Sponsor Levels
Leadership Montana Sponsor Levels
JTech's Montana website development team continues to collaborate with Leadership Montana to improve their website. This round of enhancements to their website focuses on Leadership Montana as a hub of networking — between classmates and alumni as well as reaching out into Montana's communities.

We've added an abundance of useful features to the members-only section of the Leadership website, such as the ability to email custom lists of Leadership members and import user-selected groups of contacts into your computer's address book. Other web design and usability updates include both presentation and function enhancements — breathtaking photos of Montana’s beauty, new tiers of sponsorship for Leadership Montana, a blended social media feed to provide updates from Leadership Montana, scheduling and registering for events that span multiple dates and locations, and an improved format for their newsletter, The Leading Edge.

JTech custom-built Leadership Montana's website and is proud to be a sponsor of Leadership Montana as they sow the seeds of leadership and trusteeship throughout Montana.

Spam-Blocking Improvements

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements

We’re in the midst of a constantly escalating war for your inbox. We all want to receive emails from our friends, loved ones, business associates — and a very limited cast of other individuals and organizations. Unfortunately, these desired emails are a very small part of the communications torrent directed at us. The vast majority of emails — hundreds of thousands automatically blocked by JTech’s servers every day — are spam.

We’ve been seeing more sneaky spam messages get through, and have correspondingly been working to improve our detection and filtering to protect your inbox. We hope that you’ll immediately see a reduction in the number of spam messages that make it to your inbox, but we’re continuing to tinker with the methodology we use to sort spam from legitimate messages. Although there are some very stringent measures we’ve considered to authenticate who sent a message, these have the unfortunate side effect of blocking many legitimate messages from people with poorly-configured email servers. There’s a fine line in blocking spam but ensuring that all desired messages are still reaching their recipients.

To reduce the amount of spam that you personally receive, we offer the following guide:
  • Don’t publish your email address on any website.

  • Be wary of opening messages from organizations you don’t know or trust.

  • Exercise caution when registering for new websites, particularly those giving something away — they may sell your email address to spammers later on.

  • Never click on links or respond to emails from organizations you don’t trust.

  • If you subscribed to a newsletter but are tired of it, the Unsubscribe link at the bottom will keep any considerate organization from sending you further mail.

As we continue tweaking our business class email spam efforts, we appreciate your feedback if you notice that your inbox is looking dramatically better — or if a new source of spam seems to be getting through.

New Account Manager

Karen Addiego, Account Manager
Karen Addiego, Account Manager
Karen Addiego
We’re thrilled to announce the newest member of JTech’s Bozeman custom web development team: Karen Addiego, our new Account Manager. By now, many of you have had the opportunity to work with Karen already — she joined our team to help us collaborate more closely with all our clients, utilizing her extensive background to bridge the gap between clients and creative web design and technical programming teams.

By now Karen has been with us for nearly a month and we couldn’t be happier to have her as our dedicated Account Manager. Welcome to the team, Karen!