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Announcing the JTech technical blog.

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Content, Industry News, Tools & Tips

Well, it’s been 16 years, but we’re proud to finally launch our humble new technical blog. With this informal addition to our website we hope to engage with other website development professionals about all aspects of our craft – from project planning to ongoing strategic services and everything in between. Each month we intend to write a candid post about the challenges, techniques and triumphs of our work with the hope that we will assist, inspire and stimulate discussion with our peers.

In our first article, Felix Wolfstrom, JTech’s designer, will offer his perspective on our recent foray into responsive design. We’ve always focused on building standards-compliant sites. Ever since modern mobile browsing was launched with mobile Safari, all of our sites have been mobile-compatible. But as mobile browsing has become more and more the norm rather than the exception, we’ve chosen responsive design as our method for addressing our customers’ growing mobile needs.

This website rebuild is our first fully-responsive project – if you’re not on a mobile device now, give it a try by making your window small to see how the site actively adapts to the screen’s dimensions. And don’t forget to subscribe or check back soon for Felix’s article where you can read about the challenges he faced adapting to responsive design.

Welcome to our blog and thank you for reading!

Joshua Reynolds
JTech Communications

Using Website Metadata

by Joshua Reynolds in Optimization

How metadata fits in to your website.
How metadata fits in to your website.
JTech created a guide for editing your website’s metadata in the Control Center.

Metadata is a behind-the-scenes component of your website — more or less an executive brief that tells search engines about each page of your website.

Depending on the age of your website, you may or may not have access to your dynamic pages’ metadata in the Control Center. If you’d like to edit your metadata but it’s not appearing where you edit your site, please contact Tyler, our project manager.

Metadata is broken down into three categories:

1. Meta Title, the name of the page as it appears in search listings.

2. Meta Description, which appears as a summary of the page when the page appears in search results.

3. Meta Keywords, which serve to inform search engines about areas of relevant interest covered by this page of your site.

Our guide provides suggestions for writing useful, relevant metadata that will perform well in search results for Google, Bing, and other search providers.

JTech provides professional site optimization services, which includes metadata written for your website’s static content to improve natural search rankings. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business be found in search engines, contact us about internet marketing.

To see our guide to Using Metadata in the Control Center, click here.

Announcing AlleeB's of Bozeman

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

Maple Leaf Earrings by AlleeB's
Maple Leaf Earrings by AlleeB's
We just launched a website for Bozeman, Montana artistan AlleeB’s Custom Jewelry. The new site has a clean, inviting palette and highlights the carefully-crafted artwork of metalworker Allen D. Brandt.

Allen is a fourth-generation Montanan and invites Montana’s natural beauty into his artwork; leaves and curvilinear naturalistic forms are present throughout. We’re proud to have designed this web showcase of Allen’s work.


Purchasing the Best Domain Name

by Joshua Reynolds in SEM, SEO, Tools & Tips

When your company first decided to establish a website, you may have checked whether yourcompanyname.com was already taken — and if it wasn’t, that may have been the end of your decision-making process. If the .com was taken, you might have tried variations of your company’s name — or you might have looked at .org or .net.

A big change is coming to domain names. As of now, the vast majority of websites use the .com top-level-domain. Starting later this month, ICANN will be announcing the approval of new top-level domains every week — and over the next year more than 1000 new top-level domains will be made available. Soon it will be common to visit sites with addresses like: bozeman.bank, toys.baby, bozeman.audio, local.bargains, or free.beer.

There are many uses for these new domains — They can be used to ensure that customers find you when searching for your products or services in Google, be used for your primary domain name, or held defensively to keep competitors from having them.

To help you, we’ve developed a new domain name strategy service. In this service, we review your company’s marketing goals and formulate a plan to purchase the best new domains for your needs.

The new domains are launching as we write this, so call us or email us today and we’ll help you draft a cohesive domain name strategy.

New website: AlleeB's of Bozeman

Silver and lapis bracelet by AlleeB's jewelry.
Silver and lapis bracelet by AlleeB's jewelry.
Fine-art metalsmith Allen D. Brandt is a fourth-generation Montanan whose craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail have culminated in a beautiful gallery of work that is showcased on his new website.

The new AlleeB’s website is a platform for Allen’s jewelry and metalwork — its clean, sophisticated layout frames the complexity of his work — informed by Montana’s natural beauty, as well as a heritage of modern and ancient metalworking techniques.

Feast your eyes on his attention to detail and visit the site today.

JTech Hiring Junior Web Developer

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements

Who will be our next junior web developer? (Original art by <a href="http://mantia.me">Louie Mantia</a>)
Who will be our next junior web developer? (Original art by Louie Mantia)
Our Bozeman, Montana production team is growing! We have room for a junior web developer to work with our design and programming crew. We're less interested in your formal education or age and more interested in your hands-on knowledge of programming and the web and your excitement to learn web development in a fast-paced Montana web development environment.

Relevant skills include PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, as well as object-oriented programming. Are you a Bozeman website developer? See the job description and send us your application.

Domain Name Strategy Service

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Industry News, SEM, SEO

New top-level domain names are coming soon. The familiar names — .com, .net, .org, and their ilk — will be joined by over 1000 newcomers, such as .bank, .tech, .play, .fishing, and .buy. Starting this month, ICANN will announce approximately twenty new top-level domains each week.

These new domains can be used as your primary domain, purchased to prevent their use by competitors, or employed to enhance findability in search engines. We want to help our clients capitalize on this rare chance to get in early. JTech is offering a new Domain Name Strategy Service to review your goals and develop a list of new domains you wish to purchase.

These new domains are coming fast and will give all of us doing business online a huge opportunity. Give us a call today and we’ll help you understand your options and create a domain name strategy.

Stock Photography & Photographers

by Joshua Reynolds in Design, Imagery, Tools & Tips

Stock photos can spice up your website's visual impact. (Photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/trophygeek/">Trophygeek</a>)
Stock photos can spice up your website's visual impact. (Photo credit: Trophygeek)
Whether you have an existing website, or are building a new one, the visual impact your site makes is affected greatly by its photography. There are two primary forms of photography used in sites today: stock and custom. For individuals or organizations with a limited budget, stock photography is a wonderful option. Stock photos are very affordable — some are even free — and can enhance your website’s impact immensely. Take a look at sites like istockphoto.com, shutterstock.com, or corbisimages.com to browse and purchase stock photos.

If you have a larger budget or simply need something very specific, consider hiring a professional photographer. Hiring a photographer may be more expensive, but you'll have a photographic solution specifically suited to your brand and project needs. You'll also avoid a competitor potentially co-opting the same stock photos you selected for your own project. 

Unless you're an excellent photographer, either of these options is better than attempting your website's photography yourself. Even if you are — consider whether you are able to budget the time to make your website's photos great. If not, there are many options to make sure your site has strong visual impact through great photography. Make sure your imagery is strong – it’s important.

Production Underway for Estes Park Medical Center

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

Estes Park Medical Center's new logo.
Estes Park Medical Center's new logo.
JTech is hard at work on development of a new website for Colorado's Estes Park Medical Center. Their existing website is showing its age and badly in need of a replacement. Along with the website, Estes Park Medical Center is rebranding their organization. Their new website reflects those sweeping changes.

The new website is a comprehensive redesign and adds deep functionality with a fresh, inviting user interface that organizes the Medical Center's information in an easily accessible manner. Estes Park's new website will provide more for EPMC staff as well as patients and visitors. We're eager to show you how it came together as we put the finishing touches on the new website.

JTech Celebrates 16th Birthday

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements

Celebrating 16 Years of JTech. Photo credit: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/11741671@N03/3122699343/sizes/l">Geert Orye</a>
Celebrating 16 Years of JTech. Photo credit: Geert Orye
We’ve been creating cutting-edge websites since our inception in 1997. The web has grown in leaps and bounds since then, and we’ve stayed busy racing ahead of the latest trends and possibilities. We love our jobs — working with our clients and the challenges of an industry undergoing constant seismic shifts.

It’s exciting work, and we have our customers to thank for the privilege. Thank you for 16 great years!

Viewing Data in My JTech

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design

The new list view for My JTech.
The new list view for My JTech.
Controlling which columns display.
Controlling which columns display.
The advanced search palette.
The advanced search palette.
We rebuilt the list view to give you more power and flexibility.
This is the second article in a series about My JTech, our forthcoming Control Center replacement that integrates content management and other web services under one roof.

This month we're discussing data management — specifically, how you will view and modify the databases that power your website and your company's intranet. Those of you who use the Control Center, our existing database solution, are familiar with the paginated lists that we've been using for most of a decade.

As we create My JTech, we spend a lot of time discussing what works and what doesn't in the current iteration of the Control Center. One of our frustrations with the existing list view is its pagination. We want to be able to see all of the data we want on a single page, not just an arbitrary amount. Missing the last item in a list because the list had 26 items while you’re viewing 25 per page is no fun. In My JTech, lists dynamically load as you scroll so that you can see as much of the list as you need to.

We've also added a full-window view, for those moments when you need every pixel of screen real estate available. Additionally, we’ve provided two tools to give you greater control of your columns: resizable columns and a panel to show and hide columns in your list of data. (Fig. B)

Sometimes there's just an immense amount of data to deal with. Searching the list can be useful, but a simple search of all columns isn't always enough. For these occasions, we've added an Advanced Search Palette. (See Fig. C) Advanced Search will allow you to hone in on relevant data with extreme precision — whether it's a specific range of dates, a product category, qualification for discounts, or all of the above. All these features and more are coming later this year. We can't wait to give you a hands-on look.

JTech Celebrates 16 Years of Business

Happy Birthday to JTech! Fireworks photo credit <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/11741671@N03/3122699343/sizes/l">Geert Orye</a>
Happy Birthday to JTech! Fireworks photo credit Geert Orye
Since 1997, we've been building advanced websites for customers in Montana and around the nation. The websites we’re building today were unimaginable 16 years ago, and we continue to be proud of working on the cutting edge and providing great sites to our customers.

As we go forward, we continue to take joy from working with our diverse set of clients. Your expertise and enthusiasm provides variety that keeps us so interested in our work.

Bennett Painting Refreshed

Bennett Painting's Website
Bennett Painting's Website
Bennett Painting is a Bozeman-area fixture, having been painting interiors and exteriors since 1988. Hundreds of homes and businesses have been painted by Bennett, and most of their work comes from existing clients and referrals.

Their website was showing a few signs of age, so we touched it up. The website now features embedded videos of satisfied clients, as well as a gentle visual update to the whole site.

See the website now: bennettpainting.com