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JTech Closed July 4

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements

In observance of Independence Day, JTech will be closed so we can spend time with our families, cats, friends and fireworks.

We'll see you on Monday as we get back to work making and marketing advanced custom websites.

Design Intern: Samantha Stokes

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design

Samantha Stokes, Design Intern
Samantha Stokes, Design Intern
It's a great pleasure to introduce Samantha Stokes, our Summer 2014 design intern. Samantha is studying Graphic Design & Arts at Montana State University in Bozeman as an exchange student from Wellington, New Zealand. We're inspired by Samantha's sense of adventure: Whether it's transatlantic travel, braving Montana's snowy slopes or drafting hand-drawn typography, she clearly has a bold vision.

Samantha offers her visual ingenuity and disciplined approach to design principles to our Montana website design team. She'll be collaborating with Felix Wolfstrom, our human interface designer, and Tyler Miller, our web development project manager. We're glad to have you at JTech, Samantha.

Next-Generation Content Management

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements

Use My JTech to manage your inventory on the go.
Use My JTech to manage your inventory on the go.
Uploading and editing images is simple in My JTech.
Uploading and editing images is simple in My JTech.
My JTech Beta
Our next-generation content management system, My JTech, is entering beta testing — meaning that we’ll be using it to manage content internally and giving select customers hands-on access over the next few weeks. My JTech is an integrated platform for managing websites, email, eCommerce, email campaigns, and more. We’ve given you peeks at how My JTech will change content management over the past year or so — from managing and uploading files to enhancements we’ve made to it as a replacement for the Control Center.

We custom-fit My JTech to your website for an amazing experience: no pre-built templates, no clumsy one-size-fits all interface. My JTech is built for advanced performance: screaming fast, compatible with all modern browsers, and designed responsively for a native experience on phones, tablets and desktop computers. This is what web content management should be: an interface for managing all your online business needs.

If you’re interested in joining our group of My JTech beta testers, contact us. We’ll be working closely with our beta testers to fine-tune the experience to the way they manage their websites to make the experience as awesome as possible. We’ll continue to add and refine features throughout My JTech’s beta release period.

Summer 2014 Design Intern

Samantha Stokes, Design Intern
Samantha Stokes, Design Intern
Samantha Stokes
JTech’s team is joined for the summer by Samantha Stokes, an exchange student at Montana State University from Wellington, New Zealand. Samantha is studying design in Bozeman, and will bring her passion for creativity in layout and typography to JTech’s team.

Samantha will be teaming up with our project manager and human interface designer to tackle the various challenges of responsive website design — likely adding some degree of illustrative flourish as well as a rational, measured approach to layout and interaction problem-solving. Welcome, Samantha!

New Website: Next FX Pyrotechnics

by Joshua Reynolds in

A Next FX Image Gallery
A Next FX Image Gallery
JTech’s Montana website design team just completed a stunning new responsive website for Next FX, one of the world’s premier suppliers of theatrical pyrotechnics based in the shadows of the Absaroka Beartooth Mountains of Montana. Next FX pyrotechnics are used worldwide to add unique drama in concerts, theme parks, sporting events, films, and more.

We custom developed Next FX’s original website half a decade ago to market their products to the world and provide a secure platform for their wholesale partners to place orders online. Their new advanced site achieves those goals and goes far beyond.

Because JTech’s website development team utilizes responsive web design, the Next FX site layout changes for a perfect fit whether you’re using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Their immersive homepage recreates Next FX’s high impact visuals, and collections of photos showcase specific applications of Next FX pyrotechnics. If you’ve been to a show or concert where Next FX products were used, we invite you to use their website and share your photos: they may be published on the website itself!

Take a look around their new website for a taste of the excitement that Next FX brings to events: www.next-fx.com

Yellowstone Country Motors

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

Yellowstone Country Motors Landing Page
Yellowstone Country Motors Landing Page
Bozeman, Montana: JTech is deploying a custom system of landing page microsites for Yellowstone Country Motors, a factory-direct dealer of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles. Yellowstone Country Motors is a great dealership in Montana’s Bozeman market area, with excellent prices and AAA approval for its high quality service.

JTech's landing page system allows Yellowstone Country Motors to create a custom advanced website to address each niche of customers served by their dealership. These custom microsites are highly relevant to customers and to search engines. In contrast to the content on their primary website, each microsite is highly focused to help customers accomplish a specific goal — for instance, Bozemanites looking for a Jeep to ride on weekend adventures into the Montana wilderness.

JTech's internet marketing team built a system of keyword-rich domains and microsites after helping Yellowstone Country Motors assess their target markets, relevant keywords and find answers to the difficult question of how to be found on the internet. We’re pleased to be a digital strategy partner for one of Montana’s great dealerships.

BDHG Patient Portal

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

BDHG Patient Portal Landing Page
BDHG Patient Portal Landing Page
The Bozeman Deaconess Health Group (BDHG) just added a patient portal for their patients to request appointments, access medical records, pay bills online and communicate with their medical office team. JTech integrated access to the patient portal into the custom BDHG website with a landing page and resource center to answer questions about the new patient portal.

JTech Communications is a proud partner of Bozeman Deaconess Health Group and Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. JTech's Montana web development team overhauled the Bozeman Deaconess Health Group advanced website five years ago and have worked with their team to expand the site's purpose and reach in the years since it was launched. Bozeman Deaconess' comprehensive approach to patient care is part of what makes Bozeman a great place to live.

JTech President at Montana Mediation Association

by JTech Communications in Announcements, Industry News

Missoula, Montana: On May 30, JTech president Joshua Reynolds will be joining a symposium of web development experts hosted by the Montana Mediation Association as part of their 15th Annual Conference. The web design and development experts will be presenting to mediators and attorneys from around the state of Montana to describe the importance of web design and provide an understanding of how modern website development services can save organizations time and help them do business online.

Josh is excited to meet with the web designers and developers of the Missoula area and to share JTech's custom website development expertise with the members of the Montana Mediation Association. To learn more about the Montana Mediation Association, visit their website: mtmediation.org

Upcoming: SRD Properties

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Design, Development

SRD Properties
SRD Properties
JTech is developing an advanced website for SRD Properties of Butte, Montana. SRD Properties is a family-owned business of specialists in commercial real estate with properties and partnerships throughout the state of Montana.

The new SRD website has a unique structure that will meet their specific needs. Rather than following a traditional website structure, their custom site has no homepage dedicated to the company. Instead, each property SRD has available will be featured in a detailed page with beautiful, high-resolution photography, embedded Google map, and invitation to contact SRD about taking a tour of the property.

Our Montana website development team will build SRD Properties website using responsive design, with a beautiful layout that perfectly accommodates mobile phones as well as desktop computers. We can't wait to share it with you!

Integrating Social Media for Business

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements, Social Media, Tools & Tips

Generic social media icons. These will slow your website down and track your visitors.
Generic social media icons. These will slow your website down and track your visitors.
We encourage people to share news and blog posts from our website: no spying or page slowdowns required.
We encourage people to share news and blog posts from our website: no spying or page slowdowns required.
We are all aware of the social media buttons that take up space on many websites today. Their goal is to draw the user into connecting with their owners’ brands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and many others. But are they actually worth it? We think the answer is sometimes, but often not. The downsides can be considerable.

Advertising without benefit?
Websites embedding social media buttons are providing free advertising for Facebook and Twitter. Buttons encouraging you to “like” or “+1” are primarily advertisements — sometimes people will use them, but the interaction doesn't necessarily benefit your brand. Anecdotally, we’ve observed that a “like” on Facebook often goes no further than a friend offering support for their friend’s idea or post. Those “liking” often never even click on the link of the post they liked.

Slowing your website down.
Embedding standard social media buttons such as “like” or +1 can slow your website down considerably as the button loads JavaScript and sends requests to the social network’s servers.

Tracking you and your users.
Facebook and Twitter’s buttons place cookies on your visitors’ computers to track your visitors around the web. This helps social media companies develop a full profile of your visitors and customers’ browsing habits — even if they never click any buttons. By hosting these buttons, you are allowing unaffiliated third parties to spy on your visitors.

Bragging or looking pathetic?
The social media buttons that tout how often your content has been shared on one network or another are a double-edged sword: if few people are sharing your content, you may look desperate or pathetic. If it’s gone viral and has thousands of shares, it may look as though you’re bragging about your popularity.

Using social media buttons wisely.
JTech works with our customers to create purpose-built custom websites that allow you to do business online. Because our websites are a place for you to do business, rather than just a marketing piece, the best practice is to use social networking sites to create links to your website — not the other way around. When we integrate social media into our customers’ websites, we do so in a deliberate fashion that allows for our customers’ content to be shared on social networks and, most importantly, generates links from social media to our customers’ websites.

Because of the way we integrate social networks, they don’t slow your website down —we integrate them in a way that doesn’t include cookies from the social media networks, so your customers aren’t being tracked that way. We invite users to plug your content into their own social network, showcasing your content and allowing the person who shared to add a few words of their own. As compared to a “like” button, sharing does much more to reach the ultimate goal of inviting people to your website, interacting, getting their questions answered and doing business with your company.

Like buttons (and their equivalents on other social networks) are a tool to be used deliberately and with care. As Oliver Reichenstein of Information Architects, a strategic design agency, comments: “It’s not like the number of tweets shows how interesting an article is. It more likely shows the strength of their social media profile.” JTech can help you build a cozy web-based home for your brand through your website and a social yellow brick road that guides the users to that cozy home. Your website is the destination, rather than the beginning of a journey to someone else’s content.

Spring 2014 Marketing Intern

Diego Campos, JTech's Spring 2014 Marketing Intern
Diego Campos, JTech's Spring 2014 Marketing Intern
Diego Campos
Please join us in welcoming Diego Campos, our Spring 2014 marketing intern. Diego is majoring in Marketing, with a minor in Finance at Montana State University. Born and raised in Mexico City, Diego has spent his last four years falling in love with Bozeman’s beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Diego will be working closely with Mike Kostrey, our search marketing manager. His organization and attention to detail, as well as his digital marketing knowledge, will assist JTech and our efforts for our clients. Of course, Diego’s skills of analysis aren’t limited to marketing: he’s been playing tennis since he was four years old and is an asset to MSU’s team. Welcome to JTech, Diego!

Marketing Intern: Diego Campos

by Joshua Reynolds in Announcements

We’re very pleased to welcome our Summer 2014 online marketing intern: Diego Campos. Diego is a senior at Montana State University majoring in Marketing, with a minor in Finance. A native of Mexico City, Diego has been in Bozeman for four years enjoying Montana’s great outdoors: biking, skiing, and playing tennis for MSU.

Diego brings JTech a strong sense of organization and a terrific attention to detail. He’ll be using his academic background in digital marketing to work with Mike Kostrey, our Search Marketing Manager. Welcome to the website marketing team, Diego!