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Start Your Business Off On The Right Foot

by Mira Brody in Announcements, Content, Design, Development

When bootstrapping a new business — even on a modest budget — never underestimate the value of your online presence. We’re working with Nordic Team Solutions, a new business based out of Bozeman and founded by Olympian Andy Newell, to establish an online presence. He offers coaching, team training and other athletic resources for Nordic and Cross-Country ski teams aiming for Olympic qualification. Here are some benefits Andy will garner from having a custom, professional website as a foundation for his new business.
Availability — A website allows your business to be open and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your customers won’t have to plan their lives around storefront business hours to learn about you or sign up for your services.

Point of Contact — A website provides a way for clients to contact you through the channel you want them to. Whether by phone, email, contact form or even online chat service, you can provide customer service from anywhere.

Competition — Chances are, your competition has a website. Armed with a goal-oriented digital marketing plan, you can use yours to build search ranking with targeted keywords and and meet them head-on. The higher you business appears in search results and the better you promote your products and services, the more likely it is potential customers will choose you over competitors.

Credibility — In addition to selling his ski coaching services, Andy is using his website to publish content for his site visitors. His blog will build credibility and convert visitors into paying subscribers for access to his more in-depth gated content, setting him apart as a leader in his industry.

Business Scaleability — From this first version of Nordic Team Solutions’ new website, they will have the ability to add on features and grow as needed. One possible addition would be to add a fully-automated subscription service, complete with payment processing and a mailing system that generated customer notifications when needed. Another addition down the line would be an automatic mass mailing system that would send his customers a digest of new blogs posts every week or month to keep them informed.

We are excited to be a part of Nordic Team Solutions’ new venture, and invite you to check out the new site here. If you are a new business owner and are looking to start off on the right foot, talk to us about how a new and affordable advanced website can guarantee your online success.

Solve User Experience Issues With A Website Overhaul

by Mira Brody in Announcements, Design, Development, UX

American Paintball Park is just one of many clients who have improved the user experience of their site with a new site overhaul.

American Paintball Park in Livermore, CA is devoted to providing customers with safe and competitive paintball fun. Our team here at JTech recently had the pleasure of giving their website a much-needed facelift. This overhaul updates the content and design and improves the user experience and in particular, provided the opportunity to make improvements to their online reservation system.

Dated reservation system.
Dated reservation system.
New reservation system.
New reservation system.
Adding the Details
In the previous design of the booking system for American Paintball, time slots were represented as unlabeled “boxes,” with the times listed further down on the page, detached from the booking calendar. We improved this experience by clearly listing the reservation times inside the calendar itself so that customers can select their desired time with no confusion. The time slots shown change according to which reservation package is selected, and a summary of what you are booking is displayed at the bottom of the page throughout the process.

Mobile Responsive
The site is now accessible on any type of device regardless of screen size, so customers can book a party on their tablet or phone as well as their computer. Accordingly, the calendar and reservation form is designed to cleanly collapse to fit within the screen. These vital transactions are no longer hindered by old technology and are now easily accessible and navigable by everyone.

Check out American Paintball Park’s new site today!

Contact Us For Help!
If you suspect your aging website is an obstacle to your business goals, you would benefit from a user experience evaluation or a complete overhaul. Give our experts a call! We’d be happy to help you locate your customer “sticking points” and ways to improve your bottom line, just as we did for American Paintball Park.

Manage Employee Website Access With Ease

by Mira Brody in Announcements, Tools & Tips

We are excited to launch employee onboarding and management in My JTech!

Our team is pleased to present our clients a new feature in My JTech that allows you to invite My JTech users to manage your site and set their access permissions. Features include:

My JTech invitation
My JTech invitation
1. Inviting a Teammate

From My JTech, you can invite a teammate. They will be sent an invitation providing a link that allows them to create an account.

2. Manage All Teammates
After logging into My JTech, under Custom Tools, open your Manage Team drawer. From here, you can see all of the teammates who have access to your site through My JTech, invite new teammates, and remove teammates using the button in the top-right of their box.

3. Fine-tune Teammate Access
After a teammate has accepted your invitation, you can manage their permissions by tapping the Manage Access link at the bottom of that teammate’s box.

For a thorough walk-through of how to use this new system, please refer 
to our helpful Support article titled “Onboard and Manage Your Team.”

We are confident this addition will provide you with the tools to better manage those you wish to administrate your website. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why You Should Hire a Professional IT Company

by Mira Brody & Wolfguard IT in

Local partners, Wolfguard IT
Local partners, Wolfguard IT
Although it may seem like everyone is certified to work on your computer, it is important to weigh the risks of hiring a reputable IT company versus a student with some computer skills. Our partners at Wolfguard IT provide expert advice on this topic and much more in a recent blog post, “Should You Let an Amateur Loose on Your Network?”

Read more here!

Is Your Web Design Meeting Your Digital Marketing Goals?

by Mira Brody in Google, Optimization, SEO, Tools & Tips

Tips on how the design of your website can supplement your digital marketing strategy and improve key metrics.

With any online business, it is important to carefully measure and track your marketing analytics. Sometimes, improving your marketing strategy can start with your web design. Here are a few key performance metrics that can be improved with web design to keep you moving ahead.

You should always keep an eye on your visitor analytics; where they are coming from, how they are interacting with your site and whether they are new to your site or returning.

Optimize for new traffic by organically applying keywords in your content. The Gem Gallery is a great example of this — by designing their navigation around their services, we were able to incorporate top keywords, such as “Yogo Sapphire” “Montana Sapphire” and “Engagement Rings” into the core of their site.

These keywords attract visitors using search engines to find jewelers who sell Yogo and Montana sapphires and set The Gem Gallery high in search results — above even Wikipedia.

In addition to driving new traffic to your site, you’ll want to continue taking good care of your return visitors. Silver Screen Insider does a good job of this — this entertainment industry database and marketing service puts effort into constantly changing the content on their homepage, with movie trailers, news articles and box office results. This keeps things fresh for their loyal customer base and maintains their good search ranking, as Google favors a consistent stream of original content.

Dr. Clean calls to action.
Dr. Clean calls to action.
Dr. Clean calls to action.
Dr. Clean calls to action.
Where do you want to see conversions on your site? Do you want people to complete a purchase, fill out a contact form or read about your services? You can drive your site visitors to meet all of these conversion goals, and many more, through the language and placement of your calls to action. On the site of Dr. Clean, for example, after a brief introduction of the professional cleaning business, we placed a call to action that will invite the visitor down the page to a more extensive exploration of their services. From the services section of the page, our goal is then to drive people to their contact form to complete a contact action. In this way, the design of the website helps the flow of traffic to the desired end result.

Exit Rates
Identify where people are leaving your website — then evaluate those pages and the path taken to the exit carefully. First, determine whether it is a page you want people to leave from, such as a purchase confirmation or contact thank you state. A few common examples of why someone would leave a page unexpectedly could be: broken links, an ineffective call to action, or page load time. If all of these are looking good, try adding a call-to-action — you could refer them to your blog or contact form to eliminate any dead ends and keep them engaged on the site.

Although design and digital marketing may seem like separate departments, you will get the most out of your website if they work together as a team. An effective website will always be designed around what you want your visitors to do and make their experience a good one, therefore keeping them on the site and encouraging them to become a returning customer. If you feel like your marketing statistics may be failing due to poor web design, give us a call — we’d be happy to evaluate and provide solutions for you and your customers’ pain points.

Options for Storing Your Customer’s Data

by Mira Brody in Google, Industry News, Security, Tools & Tips

In response to the new GDPR requirements as set forth by the European Union, Google has placed the responsibility for data retention policies in the hands of publishers. Google sent an email to Analytics customers last month informing them of this change and to update their desired settings by May 25th — the date the GDPR took effect. At first glance, it may seen charitable that Google would allow publishers more power over their visitor’s security. However, this simply places the responsibility of GDPR-mandated data storage changes into the hands of you or your agency representative — rather than Google taking on the responsibility themselves.

Here’s what you need to know:
This Data Retention controls determine how long website user data from views, sessions, users, pageviews and events is held on Google servers. Google Analytics will automatically delete user and event data that is older than the retention period you select.

Data Retention settings page
Data Retention settings page
To change retention duration, log into your Analytics account as an administrator and navigate to “tracking info.” Under the heading “User and event data retention” there’s a dropdown list where you can choose how long you’d like to store your visitor’s aggregate data: 14 months, 26 months, 38 months, 50 months or “do not automatically expire.” If you do not change you settings, it will default to 26 months.

The intention of GDPR is that you should only be storing user data that you’re actively using to run your business — and in the eyes of the European Union, storing data for all eternity simply for reporting purposes is no longer a good enough reason. Even if Google is creating flexible tools to take some heat off themselves, it is reducing the risk of publishers breaking the new rules that GDPR has put into place. The duration you set is really up to you and your businesses needs, however it is always important to stay informed of these changes in Analytics and the motivations behind them.

We recommend logging into your own Analytics account and reviewing your settings to ensure they are to your liking. If you are a Digital Marketing client of JTech and have any questions about this Google update, let us know and we’d be happy to take a look at your Analytics account and adjust the settings for you.

5 Things to Look for in a Web Development Company

by Mira Brody in Development, Tools & Tips, UX

If you’re in the market for a new website, it is important to set certain expectations while shopping around for a web developer. We’ve put together a list of things you should look for during this process to ensure your business is making the best possible investment.

1. They are responsible for their own equipment and services
When investing in a new online presence, don’t settle for a one-trick pony. A web development company that is versed in more than one area of online business expertise, will have your best interests in mind and the tools to provide you with comprehensive support. Some departments to inquire about are digital marketing, web design, user experience and content strategy. When a development company has more than just coding experience, they can provide a holistic approach to serving your company.

In addition to services and experience, ask if they provide in-house hosting and domain management. Many web developers will pass you off to GoDaddy or your email or internet provider when they can’t answer your questions — or be unreachable all together. When you need help with your site or domain registration, there should be one, single number to call.

2. They value ongoing communication
A good web development team will listen to your ideas as well as offer their own. They should be reachable and communicative before and during the build of your site, but also proactive after its launch, looking for opportunities of improvement and growth. There should be no question about what number you call when you need something relating to our online business, and someone at the firm should answer the phone or your emails whenever you need them.

3. Their clients are happy
Does the company feature reviews, or allow you to reach out to their clients for feedback? They should be proud of the work the’ve done and in close contact with businesses they’ve completed projects for. Before you become a new client of theirs, make sure it’s a relationship you are confident going into.

4. They react to industry changes
Sometimes major industry changes can effect your search ranking, online security and other aspects of your website. Professionals in the web development industry will care about being up-to-date with industry standards, including software updates, security changes and anything else that may help or hinder your ability to do business online.

5. Not “too cheap to be true”
A website is an investment in your company. You’d think twice if you saw a brand-new Tesla on Craigslist listed for $500 — and you should be just as wary of development firms boasting sites at a too-good-to-be-true price-point. They should also be transparent in their fees. How much do they charge per hour? Do they have a budget with each item clearly outlined? A professional web development company who is worth their price will be open to discussing why something costs what it does, and be clear about what is included in a website build — as well as how edits and other ongoing fees are applied after a project is completed.

Building and launching a new website for your business is a big investment and can seem intimidating. Although every business has unique needs and there are many details to keep an eye out for, these tips are meant to help you while you’re shopping around for a new web developer to embark on this journey with.

Get 10% Off Your New Website

by Mira Brody in Announcements, Design, Development, Tools & Tips, UX

In honor of Downtown Bozeman’s Crazy Days sale event, we are offering 10% off a new website for all Downtown Bozeman Association members through the month of July.

Whether you are a new business or an established one, You’ll want to set yourself up for success when investing in a new website. Here are a few reasons why you should go with a JTech website.

1. Customer Service
JTech’s technology is advanced, but we value old fashion customer service. All of the services you need to successfully manage an online business are under a single roof, available at a single, local phone number. We constantly monitor server logs, and all potential bugs are fixed immediately, free of charge. Whatever you need, we’re here, ready to help.

2. Superior Performance
Because our sites are built using custom code, their functionality is superior to that of a lower-end template system, such as WordPress. They are also not as vulnerable to data threats, load much faster, and are hand-tuned to fit all screen sizes, improving your search engine ranking and helping you to reach more customers.

3. Handcrafted Design
We believe that design drives development. Our designer and user experience expert ensures every one of our sites are unique and fit the branding and values of your business. Pages are created so that your visitors can move seamlessly through your site, get the information they need, and convert sales.

4. Ability to Grow
As your business grows, your website can as well to accommodate added services and functionality. While you may be on a bootstrapped budget in the beginning, when you are ready to expand, our team will help you prioritize your needs moving forward and integrate any site additions into your existing framework — no need for tedious plugins.

5. Holistic Services
As we mentioned, all off our services are under one roof. This includes digital marketing, search engine optimization, hosting, copywriting, technical assistance — even our servers are in-house. This means your needs are foremost and met by a single team of like-minded people, devoted to your success.

Contact Us today!
Contact us and talk to Katie, your Relationship Manager, to get started on a new website with JTech.

Increase Your Business’s Value with Modern Web Design

by Mira Brody in Announcements, Content, Design

A website overhaul presents the opportunity to revamp your web design — increasing the value of your company and attracting more customers.

Sphinx Mountain Outfitting's old site design, before the overhaul.

As a business owner, you should never underestimate the impact design has on your business. In addition to improved performance, a website overhaul will provide your company with an updated, sleek design and layout. Sphinx Mountain Outfitting, based in Ennis Montana, provides hunting, fishing and backcountry trips for those looking for an authentic Montana experience. Their current site and logo has served them well over the years, but in order to stay ahead of competition and improve their image to customers, they felt it was time for a site overhaul. Here are a few design improvements we are making to Sphinx Mountain Outfitting.

Custom Logo Design
Your company logo is the very core of your business. It evokes the emotions you want your customers to feel when they arrive and establishes core elements that drive the design of the site. For Sphinx Mountain Outfitting, we are designing a new, custom logo. This process involves a deep exploration of business values, goals and target markets. Our designer then produces a series of pencil sketches that we present to the client for consideration. After narrowing the sketches down, we’ll create detailed, hand-drawn logos, and further refinement leads to digital renditions. The final product is a collaborative effort between client and design team and results in a beautiful, custom business logo.

Modern Appearance
Like anything else, web design experiences fashion trends, many of them driven by improved technology and discoveries in user experience. If you website hasn’t been updated in years, it may actually be driving customers away not only from being unattractive, but due to poor experience and confusing navigation. Sphinx’s rebuild will include a fresh color palette to match the custom branding we are doing for them, as well as a complete content revamp with keyword-rich copy and modern design to place their audience.

Content Evaluation
As mentioned above, an overhaul is always a good time to evaluate content on the site. In Sphinx’s case, they found that there was information missing that their customers were asking for. On the new site, we will more extensively explain the services they offer and gear provided or required by guests. We will also consider listing general pricing, since this is a big determiner of whether a site visitor is converted into a purchasing customer.

Mobile Responsive
Last but not least, the new Sphinx Mountain Outfitting website will be built using responsive design, meaning it will adapt according to the screen size it is accessed from and customers can browse from their tablet or phone more easily. Since over 50% of web traffic is from a mobile device, this will be a huge improvement for the company.

A website overhaul is a great positive investment in your business. While it can fix many issues, design is a large part of the effort. And updated design will modernize your brand, allow your visitors to access your site form their mobile devices, and provides the opportunity to evaluate and refresh your content. Keep your eye out for Sphinx Mountain Outfitting's new site in the next month! If you have questions about wether your business is ready for an overhaul, give us a call! We’d love to keep you moving forward and seek opportunities to drive your online success.

JTech Sponsors Downtown Bozeman Flower Baskets

by Mira Brody in Announcements

If you live in Bozeman and have recently taken a stroll down Main Street, you’ll notice the annual flower baskets are up, adding a little color to the light poles. JTech Communications is proud to be a sponsor of this Downtown Business Improvement (BID) program — it is an effort enjoyed by locals as well as visitors.

Check out our flower baskets on the corner of Main and S Rouse (in front of the Pita Pit) as well as the many other contributing businesses up and down Main Street through the month of September.