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JTech does everything in-house. Everything. We take a comprehensive, holistic approach to solving your website design, web development and Internet marketing needs that stretches from the start of our detailed custom website development planning process, to serving you into the future as your business grows and changes. Choose a topic below to learn more about our Bozeman web development team’s in-house approach to crafting custom advanced websites, and the benefits: a single vendor with whom you can build a relationship and place your trust.

Innovation & Planning
Experience Design
Integrated Solutions
Internet Marketing
Lifetime Service

Innovation and Planning

When we begin a new web development project, we work closely with you to establish goals and target audiences. Planning your website is the process of learning from you and mapping your business’s needs into website form. Instead of a type of advertising, advanced custom websites are a platform with huge potential. Too often, that potential goes untapped.

Your website is a place to do business. A deep understanding of your business enables our Bozeman website design team to innovate solutions such as responsive web design that will foster growth and positive interaction with your customers. Our web development planning process paves the way for our Montana web design team to build a vital extension of your business on the web and go far beyond a simple marketing piece.


Under the beauty on the surface is a powerful engine driving our web development projects. We create all of our website technologies in-house for noticeably superior performance and flexibility. Our advanced website framework allows us to implement comprehensive, innovative functionality into our client’s web projects — and because we developed everything in-house, we can make your custom website do just about anything. After learning about your business, our Montana web development company is often able to devise unexpected and innovative solutions.

Business Automation

If you can imagine it, we can build it. We save our clients time and money by incorporating and consolidating their business activities into their custom web development project. We often develop backend features for clients that allow them to streamline internal and customer-facing operations. To help get you thinking, here are a few of the custom website development possibilities:

  • Automated document generation (invoices, receipts, coupons, and more)
  • Intranet or Extranet development to manage internal company information and employee access to documents
  • Private customer areas where your clients can login to view account information and do business


Rigorous testing and a sharp eye for detail are employed to ensure that your site works perfectly. We stress-test our Bozeman custom web development work by rendering it in a variety of browsers, email clients, and devices. We are committed to building advanced websites that function just right from mobile to desktop — including development of responsive web design as appropriate. Each component is optimized for maximum performance — load times, file sizes, file requests, and search engine optimization.

Experience Design

Visual communication.

Business is communications, and the primary purpose of your website is to communicate information — whether to your prospects, your customers, your employees, or even you. Our Montana web development team’s process is geared toward building advanced websites that excel in communications.

Aesthetic and usability can make or break an experience for visitors to your website. We invest much of our Bozeman web design company’s website design expertise and attention in these two areas. During the wireframing of your website’s design we develop a logical, coherent layout created specifically for your content — not the other way around.

Our custom web design will honor and integrate seamlessly with your brand. We tailor the layout, artistic assets and design to match your branding while remaining intuitive to navigate.

With mobile web usage projected to overtake desktop usage in 2014, we design and develop our clients’ websites using responsive web design — the layout changes depending on whether the viewer is using a mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

Integrated Solutions

Single point responsibility.

Our clients only have one Montana number to call when they need help doing business online. We are responsible for all aspects of web project creation— planning, design, and development, as well as all ongoing services – content management systems, hosting, email, domains, and more. We host our client’s web projects on our own secure, custom-configured web hosting equipment, and our Bozeman, Montana web development company is comprised of talented individuals whose skill sets encompass the full spectrum of designing, developing, maintaining and Internet marketing your website.

Control Center

We developed our own powerful, easy-to-use content management system. Our clients utilize the JTech Control Center to manage everything in one place, from any device. Clients can change the content on their website, add products, update their newsletter, and respond to email on the fly. Now in its seventh generation of website development, the Control Center is a living feature, and we are continually improving it.


We call our email service “business class” and it was developed and is hosted in-house. Gone are the typical limits on individual email sizes. You can send just about anything through your email account and if your recipient can handle it, it will go through. Email can be accessed via a web browser — or we can help you configure your favorite email client to read and write email. Our webmail service is fully featured — with address book integration, multiple inboxes, and more.

Mass Mailing

Our mailing system is an elegant way to send mass mailings. These are custom-designed mailers that incorporate the beauty of your branding and integrate fully with your address book in the Control Center. All of our mailers are designed and coded to work and render properly in all major email clients. Schedule mailings in advance, maintain multiple mailing lists, and send mailings as often as you like.

Ecommerce Management

JTech advanced websites also deploy secure, custom-built eCommerce solutions. Our web eCommerce system is developed in-house, which makes it fully extensible and is customized to meet your needs. Our eCommerce solutions are fully integrated with your branding and advanced website design, and are controlled from the Control Center a single login to access all parts of your website.


Our website analytics system allows you to track the details of who is visiting your site and what they’re doing while there — critical for optimizing your website. Website analytics give you valuable data to build your SEO and Internet marketing plans.

Internet Marketing

We approach Internet marketing / search marketing with the same philosophy that guides our website design and development. We work closely with our clients to determine who they’re trying to reach and what action they’re hoping their online audience will take. Our Montana team then crafts an Internet marketing plan that maximizes return on their search engine optimization and Internet advertising investment.

Search engine optimization is the art and science of working to improve the “organic” search engine ranking of a website. Our SEO offerings include on-page optimization — our Bozeman, Montana team edits your content, writes metadata and employs other techniques to make sure search engines will properly index you. We also provide off-page search engine optimization, where we work over time to build quality inbound links and make keyword “course corrections” to increase the value of your site in the eyes of search engines and thus improve your search position and search relevancy for your target markets. This includes specific Montana SEO: increasing the value and ranking of your organization’s listing in local search results.

Lifetime Service

We plan, design, and
develop your website.

We provide secure hosting,
My JTech, and marketing.

A single vendor with whom you can build a relationship and trust.

From Bozeman, Montana, we take a comprehensive, holistic approach to solving your website design, web development and Internet search marketing needs that stretches from the start of our detailed custom advanced website development planning process to serving you into the future as your business grows and changes.

Custom-built infrastructure

At JTech, we configure and manage our own equipment and web servers. This means we can make our web hosting equipment do precisely what we want it to do, keep your website safe with industry-approved best security practices, and quickly respond to any issues that may arise. Unlike typical web hosting services where you’re on your own, JTech will build and host your advanced website project and continue to manage your custom website’s hosting on an ongoing basis.

Give our Bozeman office a call or contact us today and we’d be happy to schedule a consultation to talk about your company and talk about how we can help you do business online.Local: 406-586-7100
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